Justin Robinson

Justine Robinson

M.Ost D.O – Registered Osteopath

Justine took over the Carlton Clinic from its previous owners in February 2016. She graduated from the European School of Osteopathy in Maidstone, Kent, with an Integrated Masters Degree in Osteopathy. Her studies included structural, functional, visceral and cranial techniques. Prior to this, Justine completed a Diploma in Sports Therapy at Chichester College, incorporating injury rehabilitation, sports massage, and the management of sports injuries.

With a combination of skills gathered from these subjects and her further studies, Justine creates a very individual approach to treatment, tailoring it to the patient’s needs.

Justine has developed as a practitioner who enjoys working with all age groups, from babies to ageing adults, maternity patients and athletes. Being an avid sportswoman has fuelled her interest in sports and general injuries, their prevention, and rehabilitation back to normal and improved function.

Justine has recently completed CPD courses in, the ‘The Perrin Technique’, a combination of techniques used to assess and assist the symptoms associated with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/M.E & Fibromyalgia, and Kinesio Taping, to understand and assist external support of injury.

What Justine’s patients have to say

“What an amazing improvement! I went from suffering a lot of pain to being virtually pain free within 12 hours of my first treatment. Justine really knows her stuff. If you are suffering with back pain and want to be sure of expert therapy, then  can highly recommend The Carlton Clinic.”

Mr Davey, Surrey


“Had a treatment with Justine, who sorted out my sciatica. Would not go elsewhere.”

M. O’Connor


“I am so glad I found the amazing Justine. Friendly, professional, capable and thoughtful. Thoroughly recommend.”

Mrs Whyman


“This Clinic is Amazing!! Anytime I have a pain or problem, I go and see Justine and she sorts me out.  Very, very helpful after my car accident also. All my family go and see Justine.
Highly highly recommend.”

Raya Wootton


“This is an amazing clinic. Justine is awesome at her job. I have many different issues which I manage with her help. Always so knowledgeable and works miracles. Can’t Recommend enough.”

K. Herbert


Justin Robinson