Vahid Ziadhou

Dr Vahid Ziadlou

MD,Phd,DipAcu,CertMac,MMAA – Medically Qualified Holistic Acupuncturist

Vahid graduated from Yadz Medical School in 1995 with a doctorate in medicine subsequent to which he qualified as an Acupuncturist. Vahid has worked as a GP for more than 15 years whilst developing his acupuncture alongside the general medical practice, and Vahid practices his Acupuncture at The Carlton Clinic and from GP surgeries.

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What Vahid’s patients have to say

“I decided to try acupuncture for a very annoying eyelid twitch which would not go! After seeing the GP, and opticians, and exhausting all home remedies I could find, acupuncture was my last hope before I was prepared to have Botox injections to freeze the nerve.  I also suffer terribly with anxiety and this was making my anxiety really really bad.


Vahid was amazing. I was nervous at first as wasn’t too sure what to expect. It is not painful and is quite relaxing! After 6 sessions the twitch had gone. I could not believe it. I had had this for 6 months, every single day and up to 20 times a day.


As well as solving my twitch, my anxiety has reduced dramatically. I feel calmer in myself and in control. I am also sleeping better. I find acupuncture amazing and will be continuing treatment for overall health as I am now a great believer in it!!”

Vahid Ziadhou