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Sports Massage & Therapy

At the Carlton Clinic, we offer sports massage and therapy for management and prevention of injury.

What is sports therapy?


Sports Therapy concentrates on injury prevention, injury assessment and rehabilitation after an injury has occurred, to bring patients back to full functional fitness.

When treating injuries, the main focus is to get patients back to normal function, in as little time as possible.   We take a detailed history of the injury, the effects it is having on daily life, and then carry out orthopaedic and neurological testing. Once a diagnosis has been formed, a treatment and rehabilitation plan will be discussed.

We will assess the injury at each appointment, to ensure recovery is progressing optimally and that the correct treatment is being given.

Sports therapy is a combination of deep and soft tissue massage, stretching, mobilisation and electrotherapy, to improve the range of joint movement and general joint function.  The session will also include recommended stretches and exercises that can be done at home, and advice on different methods of pain relief.  We will also discuss any further stages of the rehabilitation, to enable the patient to regain full function where the injury occurred.

Cranial Osteopathy for babies

What our patients say

“Really impressed with my treatment. Not only was my therapist kind and gentle, she is very thorough and explains everything nicely. I also enjoyed the fact that she covered nutrition with me, giving me advice on what foods could be causing inflammation.”

Mrs Brown, Horley


Price list

For sports massage & therapy appointments

30 minute treatment


45 minute treatment


60 minute treatment


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All osteopaths in the UK are regulated by the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC). Osteopaths are required to renew their registration each year for an annual licence to practice. As part of this process, GOsC checks that osteopaths have current professional indemnity insurance, remain in good health and character, and meet the mandatory continuing professional development requirements.
The title ‘osteopath’ is protected by law. It is against the law for anyone to call themselves an osteopath unless they are registered by the GOsC, which sets and promotes high standards of competency, conduct and safety. The GOsC can and will prosecute those who practise as osteopaths when they are not on the GOsC register.

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